Node Product Update Aug 2021


  • Implemented the new and improved way to add and edit OKRs

    • New centred modal

    • Type Objective and Key Results in one view with clarity.

    • No more different types of key results - simply change the start- and end value to track progress more accurately.

    • The number of clicks to create a new OKR are substantially decreased (10x).

  • Added support on how progress and activity are calculated in the selection dashboard.

  • New and improved Focus Area views on both Desktop and Mobile

  • The vision page is updated to the latest deployed approach - WHY, HOW and WHAT.

  • General wording updates eg. Alignment is now called Execution and Add Objective is updated to Add OKR.


  • Changelog improvements when changing start- and end values of a key result.

  • Fixed issues in the feed related to edited key result events.

  • Fixed bug where you in some cases couldn't un-align a focus area from an objective

  • Clean up smaller UI issues in the add key result view on mobile.

  • Fixes UI issues with expanding text fields for larger text inputs.

Anything else?

If you in fact tried to say "OKR" with your mouth open - please send us a video as proof!

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