Node Product Update May 2019.

Sometimes things just takes longer than you want. Well, to be honest - most of the time. And this release is a good example of this. We started working on this feature way back in October 2018, and thought it would be a breeze sending it out to our beloved users. But things turned out more complicated than we anticipated and boy did we wait a long time for this. But I must say it is well worth the wait.

The Selection Dashboard gives any user of our tool the power to get a good overview of any team they'd like in their organisation. It might be your own core team, or any ad-hoc team which you are currently working with (or just have an interest in). We are very satisfied with how the user can create as many custom teams as they want and just save them as bookmarks ( ctrl + D) for easy access. Try out the selection dashboard by clicking on "See team OKRs" on a manager, or simply hold down shift and select multiple people in the role list.

Thanks Jonte, Semir, Matthias, Andreas and Binny for the great effort, it was a true team effort that was needed to make this come alive.


Introduced the Selection Dashboard
Moved Vision to root place in sub-menu
Updated screen message about activation email in onboarding.
Improved the styling for other person's progress in key results view.


Fixed several statistics issues with the snapshot on mobile
Wrong period presented when trying to align an objective in an future period via edit on mobile - FIXED


Updated to ruby 2.6

That's it. Back to work.

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