• "X days left" is now showing on the Selected People Dashboard.

  • You can now add an objective by simply clicking on the icon below your profile (in case you don't have any yet). We found out about this improvement by user testing with my mom, so thank you Mom!

  • We now use the "3 dots" for editing a key result on desktop.

15 fixes in total, here's some of them: 

  • Notifications were shown for deleted objected, this is now fixed. 

  • Focus Areas weren't updated when they were duplicated. 

  • Loading indicator added in loading notifications list. 

  • Loading order of different components in profile was fixed

  • Relevant period is shown when you duplicate a focus area.

  • Cursor fixed in search box

  • Added "no results" if you search for something that isn't existing - that was about time!

  • Role map had white lines on avatars before, well - not anymore. 

  • Click on objectives in a focus area now brings you to that objective. 

  • Bug that there was an error message about no text in company settings even though we had written something. 

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