24 fixes in total, here's some of them: 

  • Team notifications is now working again on mobile.

  • Recent Team notifications are now visible even if you have A LOT of new team notifications. 

  • Irritating bug with frozen profile page if you click on an objective solved!

  • Red dot didn't disappear after you'd read your notifications - now it does.

  • Loading errors if you add too many focus areas during the same time. 

  • Error when uploading certain photos on onboarding fixed.

  • Users didn't get notified until you refreshed the page. Can't have that - so we fixed it.

  • Feed items were sometimes not in sorted on time, fixed that!

  • Notification list weren't triggered when you clicked on a notification email. Now it is.

  • Various corner cases if you add, change and delete key results in the wrong order is now covered, but please try to break it and send us an email if find a way. 

  • Notification settings fixed in personal settings

  • User's could add a role without text - well, not anymore. Sayonara.

  • Firefox fixes - we are now firefox friendly.  

  • Several text alignments were fixed, it is important to get this right. Or centered. That was the only thing left on this list.

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