Node Product Update - November 2018

So proud of the great work done by our whole team this month. Here are some of the most essential highlights in our latest release. Thank you Binny and Semir for the hard work on Front End. Matthias for making sure data is handled from the Backend, and last but not least - thank you Khurram for your attention to details finding bugs that we might have missed.


  • Update of font styles

  • Team Notifications and your own Notifications have extended items and emails connected with them


  • Fixed bugs on comments on OKRs, 

  • Duplicates when tap-twice in focus areas, key results and check in's. 

  • Company settings add admin doesn't get a Users headline if there are no users to add.

  • Text container issues with the Sunburst

  • Search destination fixed for key results on mobile

  • Previously you could remove the title of a role or even the name of the company and save it - well, that wasn't good. We fixed that.

  • Notification dot when read

  • Error when aligning some objectives to a focus area

  • User sometimes saw their own feed in the feed.

  • Duplicate Objectives failed to duplicate sometimes

  • User was able to post comments with empty field

  • Errors in settings when you close the page

  • Error when editing a Target Key Result

  • Errors when using special characters in Key Results

  • Duplications on Notifications cards

  • Order of OKRs are not consistent if user moved it on mobile and then looks at desktop.

  • A bunch of minor bug-fixes and styling adjustments

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