Release date: 2018-02-09


  • We've made it easier to perform actions on Objectives and Key Results. On mobile you don't have to slide an objective to add key results or edit, an no more hover over objectives on desktop. Simply click on the 3 dots to access all the functionality. 

  • You can now duplicate an OKR. Simply click on the 3 dots and choose Duplicate to make a copy of that OKR and place it either in the current or future period.

  • BETA release: Analytics. If you are the admin of the tool, you can now get a real-time updated spreadsheet of all your most important data, and get insights through sorting and filtering. Much more to come here in the near future, so stay tuned. 


  • On Desktop, the selector for focus areas to be aligned is now showing hierarchy and is more easily navigated: 

  • Improved loading for Mobile and Desktop apps

  • Various UI improvements


  • Several fixes that was encountered in the activity feed. 

  • Small bug fixes around creation of key results.

  • Several small bug fixes in other places.


  • Sliding functionality for Focus Areas, Objectives and Key Results in Mobile app

  • Hover Action butttons on Objectives in Desktop app


  • Internal refactoring of Role-Period relation

  • Internal refactoring of Statistics

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