Before you start. 

Check out current period.

So, your period is about to come to an end. Now it's important that you make sure that your OKRs are up to date so you can complete a last check-out for the period that is about to end. Also, you will need to come up with a new OKRs for the period that is about to start and do a check-in for that period. You want to do all this in one go, during a 1-on-1 with your manager.

 1. Sit down with the your manager

1-on-1 are one of the most important meetings a manager has in it's calendar. Stay tuned for an upcoming article on how to hold an effective 1-on-1.

2. Go to each Key Result and make sure it is updated. 

Log in to the Node app and go to each Key Result that you have for the period that is about to end. You find them on your profile and you access them by tapping on the Objective, and then on the Key Result. Your view should look like this:

3. Make sure progress is up-to-date.

Make sure the Key Result's progress is up to date.

4. Ad final insights. 

Check-in one or several final insights. Maximum length per check-in is 140 characters. Improve your check-in by adding the "insight" or "blocker discovered" signal to the check-in.

Blocker discovered signal is used for specific blockers or challenges you've discovered during the period. 

Insight signal is used for specific insights that you have drawn and learnings you've done, eg. how you solved a certain blocker that was discovered.

5. Manager ads final feedback. 

When you feel done with final insights, will finalize the check out with one or several feedback comments. Read more to learn how to check out as a manager here. 

Check out is now complete.

Check-in new period

1. Add OKRs in coming period.

Go to the coming period and add one or several OKRs

2. Do a check-in on each Key Result.

Go to each Key Result and check in. Since it is the first check-in on the Key Result, describe some context on why this Key Result was chosen. Note that you need to first create the OKR, before you can check it in.  

When you're done, it's your manager's turn to add some feedback on the Key Result. 

Check-in is now complete. 


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