Before you start. 

  • Make sure to refresh your memory on how to add an OKR and do check in's before reading this article.

  • Check that an administrator has added Focus Areas for the coming period. 

Check out current period.

So, your period is about to come to an end. Now it's important that you make sure that all members in your team are completing their check-out for the period that is about to end and do a check-in for the period that is about to start. You want to do all this in one go, during a 1-on-1 with each team member.

 1. Sit down with the team member

1-on-1 are one of the most important meetings a manager has in it's calendar. Stay tuned for an upcoming article on how to hold an effective 1-on-1.

2. Go to each Key Result. 

Ask your team member to log in to the Node app and go to each Key Result that the user has set up for the period that is about to end. They are found on the user's profile and you access them by tapping on the Objective, and then on the Key Result. Your view should look like this:

3. Make sure progress is up-to-date.

The team member should first make sure the Key Result progress is up to date.

4. Team member ads final insights. 

Ask the team member to check-in one or several final insights. Maximum length per check-in is 140 characters. Improve your check-in by adding the "insight" or "blocker discovered" signal to the check-in.

5. Manager ads final feedback. 

When your team member is done with final insights, please provide one or several feedback comments. It works almost exactly as when you check in on your own key result, but as you are now commenting on your team members key result you now have "Continue" or "Consider" signals instead.

Continue signal is used for specific encouraging feedback. Things you think the team member has done that has been good and that you want the team member to continue with moving forward. 

Consider signal is used for specific constructive feedback. It could be ideas or learnings that you have drawn from other team members or things you think the team member could consider doing in another way basically.  

When you have added the feedback comments - check out is complete.

Check-in new period

1. Add OKRs in coming period.

Ask the team member to go to the coming period and add one or several OKRs

2. Do a check-in on each Key Result.

The team member goes to each Key Result and checks in. Since it is the first check-in on the Key Result, ask your team member to describe some context on why this Key Result was chosen.

When the team member is done, it's your turn to add some feedback on the Key Result. Remember to improve your feedback with either the "Continue" or "Consider" signal. 

Check-in is now complete. 


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