Release date for release: 2018-05-09


  • Password login: We changed the way you can log in to the Node apps. Instead of getting an email with a magic link you can simply set a password once and voil√†: you are good to go.¬†


  • No more magic links for you...


  • Help tooltips are now also available in the mobile app

  • Log out from the mobile app under More > Profile Settings

  • Links in comments are now highlighted


  • Fixed: Comment button becomes inactive after posting a comment on a KR

  • Fixed: Comment list is scrolling down when trying to edit/delete a comment

  • Fixed: Alignment selector does only show first level of FocusAreas

  • Fixed: Empty update events were shown for KRs

  • Fixed: Several minor layout issues

  • Fixed: Few typos in copy texts

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