Here are the main areas of the Node app

The Role Platform

Clicking Roles in the main menu takes you to the Role Platform. Here you see all your colleagues, their teams and the persons they are reporting to. You can pan the Role network and zoom in or out. Clicking a Role brings up more information on the selected Role. Double clicking a Role shows you all persons connected to the Role.

The Focus Module

Clicking Focus in the main menu takes you to the Focus Module. Here you can see your company's long and short-term focus as well as the Objectives and Key Results aligned with those Focus Areas from all employees in the organisation. The sunburst diagram or the list view shows you the overall focus for the current period. Clicking a Role on the left shows the persons individual Objectives and Key Results.

Profile Page

On your profile page you will see your role, photo, contact information and your OKRs. The progress circle shows you the percentage of progress you've made in total on your objectives for the current period. Below your profile information you find all your current Objectives and by clicking an Objective you see the associated Key Results. The green bar indicates progress for each Objective and Key Result. From here you can add, edit and comment on an Objective or Key Result or navigate to an Objectives aligned Focus Area.

Next Steps

Hopefully you now have a better understanding of the main parts that the Node app consists of. 

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