The way Node works on mobile is a bit different to how it works on desktop. The Focus Module and Profile page are incorporated in the Role Platform making at easier to get your core tasks done on mobile.

The Role Platform

Tapping Roles in the main menu takes you to the Role Platform. 

Portrait mode
If you have your mobile in an upright position you will find your profile page in center. Here you will see your Role with your photo and those of your team. Below your profile information you find all your current Objectives and by clicking an Objective you see the associated Key Results. The green bar indicates progress for each Objective and Key Result. From here you can add, edit and comment on an Objective or Key Result or navigate to an Objectives aligned Focus Area. You can also see statistics of the progress the Role, Team or Company has made during the current period.

Landscape mode
If you flip your mobile to landscape mode you will se the expended Role Network. Here you see all your colleagues, their teams and the persons they are reporting to. You can pan the Role Network and zoom in or out. You can select a Role and flip your mobile to portrait mode to see the profile page of that Role. 


When tapping More in the bottom menu you can see your Company Long-term Focus, manage Focus Areas if you are an admin, change settings and access the Help Center.

Next Steps
Hopefully you now have a better understanding of how Node works on your mobile. Learn more visiting the following articles. 

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