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There are multiple ways a company can be set up on Node and inviting users works slightly different in each case. This article is about how to access the system through an email invitation. If your company has enabled access via URL, learn how to Activate your account via URL.

Accept invitation

The invitational email will either be sent from a colleague or from your company and will look something like this: 

1. Click on the button Get Started Now in the email. You will be taken to a page where you are requested to add your password. Make sure your new password matches. Click next.

2. With your new password fresh in mind, log in to Node with the email you signed up with and your new password.

3. Add your photo, click on the camera icon to add a photo. Crop it as you wish.

4. Once you uploaded a photo you can adjust it by zooming in or out and panning it if you are on desktop. When you are satisfied, fill in your work phone number, then click Finish Setup.

Additional information

When you set up your account we ask for required information. Most of this information is submitted by the person who invited you to Node. We use this information to provide content that is relevant to you and your company's needs

  • Work email address. The email address we use to contact you. Node will as default only handle emails inside your company's email domain. 

  • First and Last name. The name associated with your account profile. Your profile is unique to you but will be displayed to your colleagues. 

  • Role title. Your role title will be displayed on your profile page.

  • Work phone. Your phone number will be displayed on your profile page and can be used by your colleagues to contact you.

  • Profile photo. The profile photo associated with your account profile. A key item to create a sense of humanity and relationship in the system. 

Next Steps

When you've activated your account it's time to get familiar with Objectives and Key Results. 

Getting started with OKRs

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