Before you start

  • Before you can check in you need an Objective and a Key Result. To learn more, read Getting started with OKRs

  • A Check-In consists of the following activities; updating progress on a Key Result and adding a comment

  • You only update progress on Key Results. This in turn will show the overall progress of the Objective that the Key Result is linked to. 

How to Check in

Below, you'll learn how to update progress on a Key Result and comment your update.

  1. Click on your Profile image in your upper right corner to navigate to your profile page. 

  2. Click on an Objective to show your linked Key Results.

  3. Click on the Key Result you want to update progress on.

  4. Slide or click on the Green flag on your Key Result to a new value of your choice. 

  5. Type a Comment in the text field, describing your update. This is not required although highly recommended.

  6. Select a Signal to label your comment. Use Insight if there is nothing interfering with your work or use Blocker discovered if there is something in the way for you to make progress. 

  7. To finish your Check-In, click the Check in button.

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