Node lets you set and track Objectives and Key Results easier and faster than ever.


Objectives and Key Results overview in profile view of app

Objectives are short qualitative descriptions of what you want to achieve.

Key Result
Key Results are the set of measurable outcomes that you must reach in order to deem the Objective successfully met.

Focus Area
Focus Areas are general areas of interest that the company leadership asks the organisation to focus more on for the certain quarter.

Add an OKR (Objective and Key Results)

  1. Navigate to your Profile Page by clicking on your profile picture in your upper right corner, click the Add Objective button.

  2. Start typing your Objective in the text field, then click or tab to the next text field to start adding your Key Result. By default there are 2 key result that you can add, if you want to add more than 2 Key Results, click "Add key result", if you just want to add one key result, leave the 2nd field empty. You must add at least one key result.

  3. Don't forget to add the exact measurement you want to track your progress through by expanding the key result and setting its start- and end value. Progress will be measured as the change between these two values. The start value can be a lower value than the end value (eg. if you want to measure progress of something that needs to decrease).

  4. If your company has added Focus Areas, click in the bottom field to align your OKR to a Focus Area. Once there, you can choose from a list of available focus areas, click to select one of them and then click the back button.

When you've done these steps above, just click save to save the OKR. Your new OKR is now visible on your profile page where you can check-in, edit and update progress on them at any time.

Next Steps

When you've added one or several Objectives and Key Results it's time to learn how to Check In and get feedback on your progress.

Getting started with Check-Ins

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